In Loving Memory: 


1976 - 2011 
  My equine angel peacefully slipped into Heaven. His beautiful face, amazing attitude and welcoming nickers will be missed every day of my life. I was so blessed that he loved me.



1982 - 2009
My totally fabulous 3 star event horse!
He taught me how to dream! 
From the humble beginnings of a barrel racing
horse to a successful 3* advanced level three day horse that exuberantly galloped around many
3 star events and made them look easy.
He was my beloved friend that I will miss forever!  




 1990 - 2003

The best pony a boy (or a mom) could ever ask for!


The beautiful filly that I had so much hope for. Sired by my wonderful horse Hunter and the amazing mare Trixie.



1967 - 2004
 My first horse and the one that began my lifelong love for horses. We taught each other a lot!


Our well loved lesson horse Prize went to Heaven in 2009.
He was a definitely a lesson favorite even at 25 years old!


1993 - 2011
Our wonderful ever generous school horse that was a very kind soul.
Farley will be missed by everyone


 In January 2011 our ever popular and beautiful lesson horse Liza passed away at the age of 34 years old!
She led a long life that taught many students to ride at every level. She was the mother of our beloved Alex.
Very missed!



1979 - 1987
My amazing mare that did not know any fear and loved her job.
She evented through the Preliminary level. She left us way too soon!